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OBATALA Sacred water that cure all sickness

OBATALA Sacred water that cure all sickness 

Many people still don't know much about ORISA OBATALA.

The only ORISA that was created by OLODUMARE and handed everything in his hand .

OBATALA is the Father of all ORISA and all .

After creating other ORISA he designated jobs and position to them .

Many people don't know that there is OBATALA sacred water which can cure majority of all sickness.

While I was doing my OBATALA mantra Infront of my OBATALA, OBATALA came down to me and said AJE NLA come I want to show you something.

My soul left the Body and I followed him into the spirit realm, he said this is how you would make OBATALA sacred water for whoever is sick and having one ailments or the other in other to cure them.

I bowed down my head and greet OBATALA in a million times and my spirit went back into my Body.

If you think you have sickness like stroke, or mental disorder. You can come to my OBATALA temple in ABEOKUTA.

I would be more than Happy to help you by using OBATALA sacred water on you.

If all things failed, when all ORISA failed.

OBATALA the father of all ORISA who shared all he has with everyone would never failed.

OBATALA never failed for any milliseconds.

Am AJE NLA the first son of OBATALA.

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