Sunday, October 29, 2023

The undefeated ORISA - The day your Problem is Over


 The undefeated ORISA - The day your Problem is Over

This is the Only ORISA that is standing tall among other Orisa.

He is undefeated and I don’t think he would be.

There was a time in heaven before man kind, there was a great War between all The Orisa, he was the winner of all the orisa.

We called him OBATALA.

Many people think he is just a small Orisa, i was once in that show. I don’t respect him at all until he was the only one who unlocked what has been locked.

He changes the destiny and purify me.

Having him at my back make have boldness above the sky.

He has answer to all Problems, the Father of all Father.

The Father of all the Orisa.

If you have tried everything and it doesn’t work, Feed OBATALA.

Oh my God, that is the day your Problem is Over.

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