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Spiritual work to win court case


 Winning Court cases

Do you have a case in court? 

Are you not guilty of the case?

In IFA we have an Orisa of Justice that fight for the weak , this Orisa would make sure he win the case for you.

I am not invoking this Orisa for you if you are guilty of the crime or the case.

In case you are lying, this is why there would be Consultation to know if what you say is actually true.

Some people are in a case over what they knew nothing about.

Some are in case because of spiritual problems snd battles they are Facing.

The consultation would reveal if it is the spiritual battles that is bringing the court case and many more.

This Orisa will make you win the case along with some spiritual work.

Good and quality spiritual work is Money.
If you have someone that needed this service, you can contacy AJE NLA WHATSAPP +2347031178647

I have seen a Babalawo arrested for walking late at night from his in-laws burial, they arrested the Babalawo and arraigned him in court.

On the day of the judgement, the judge says this is absolutely nonsense, everyone dismiss.


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