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Spiritual War awaits Church Prayer Warrior


 Spiritual War awaits Church Prayer Warrior 

What you are about to read is the source of some peoples problems.

You enter the church and you haven’t spend some months, you are apppointed as prayer warrior and you are happy.

You have spend some years in church and they make your prayer warrior or head of prayer warrior, and you are happy.

Have you ask why ?

In white garment church,they would talk about three elders prayer.why?

Let me drink water.

Some pastors are not called to this ministry, even the ones that are called are tired of spiritual battles.

Pastor cannot say no to prayer but they don’t want to be involved in spiritual battle deliverance prayer and stuff of such, so they device a way of running away from such responsibilities.

And you gladly accept what will kill you.

The Power of grouping people is that when we gather our spiritual forces,it should be strong enough to combat a single force,hence the need and reason for prayer warrior.

Most people that come for deliverance are posses already, many of them are not. They just want to look for trouble.

Each and everyone who partake in such deliverance would have a share of that problem delivered and that is why most Prayer Warriors never balance, it is always war over war jn their life.

Most war you think you won, actually left only yo be attacking the prayer warrior one after the other.

What you should be thinking is that, how many of your life battle have you won? That you are fighting somebody’s battle that doesn’t concern you?

If God answer the persons prayer, what is your gain? Battles upon battle, them no go help you. They would just say brother or sister, the lord is your strength.  Why?

Some Christians doesn’t have brain at all.

If God call pastor,let me do the hard work.

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