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OBATALA FESTIVAL IN IFE 2024 - The right festival at the wrong season

OBATALA FESTIVAL IN IFE 2024 - The right festival at the wrong season

I can't believe I am saying this .

First of all who is OBATALA? OBATALA is the Father of all ORISA .

He is the true ORISA and the only ORISA ever created by OLODUMARE him/her self.

OBATALA created all other ORISA and all things that ever existed. I know you would argue but it's Ok.

OBATALA is a water related ORISA. He owns everything in the world and he share them with other ORISA .

I am not against OBATALA festival that was done in Ile ife but I am against some things which are not right.

Have not seen wherr they do OSUN festival in the dry season?

So why would do OBATALA festival in January when the land is all dried up.?

There are some festival that must be done during raining season and there are some festival that must be done during dry season.

The question of whether the ORISA is water related or not should also be considered 

Sango is water related and we can't say that we are celebrating SANGO festival in January.

Secondly, it was a cheap publicity.

A tribe call Judah was in everyone's lip ,I wonder why they can't pay for a good publicity to boost culture. Have we all forgotten the Ojude Oba that was hosted few months ago in Ijebu?

It was a talk of town for days and weeks.

Why would IFE (OONI ) hosted OBATALA festival and the world is not shaking?

They would think am back again with my talk but let is do the right thing at the right time.

Thank you.

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