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Respect the old Man, Respect OBATALA

Respect the old Man, Respect OBATALA 

I see some people put their OBATALA in the calabash or their OBATALA is done in the calabash

I have seen some people use Pot for their OBATALA

Infact I have seen many sort of temple for OBATALA and it disrespectful to the king.

We are talking about the king of all the ORISA, kindly show some respect to the Man.

Whether it is in a Calabash or in a Pot, you are doing rubbish and you have no respect for elders.

You are not well trained at all and I doubt if you would be an elder someday. 

Here I am again talking my usual rubbish abi?

OBATALA no be Joke oooooooo

The Old man dey spit fire pass SANGO

The old Man dey Angry Pass OLOKUN

The old man is peaceful than OSUN

The old man is older than time

The old man is wiser than ORUNMILA 

His wisdom is Parallel to none

Nothing exist without him and nothing can be done without Him

Let us pay respects to the old Man,the father of all father ..



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