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ORISA ONIMERE coming soon to AJE NLA

ORISA ONIMERE coming soon to AJE NLA

Every day I add one ORISA to the collection of ORISA I have in the spirit realm.

I am trying to have their shrine in the physical realm but the money involved is not a joke.

I am the largest collector of ORISA in the spirit realm and I must say I would also have the world largest shrine as time goes on.

I don't have much to say about ORISA ONIMERE for now, not because I don't know what to say but I want to keep the suspense coming.

I want to wait till I have her shrine before telling the world who she was or what she does.

Those who visit me last week would see a new ORISA in my room when they come this week, every day I am on the project of adding and having every ORISA I have met in the realm.

Some ORISA I have paid for the carving but not done, some other ORISA I have finished their carving but waiting for the activation, while other ORISA are in queue waiting for me to embark on their project.

Few ORISA doesn't want me to carve or give it to someone to do,they want me to be constructive about it and do it for them.

ORISA ONIMERE is no exceptions, when I finished her project of having her shrine ,I would tell the world what she can do and what she represent.

This are few ancient ORISA you can't see or find on Google or search engine.

Am not just a collector of lost and forgotten ORISA,am their son. Baptized in the Blood of the ORISA .

Am AJE NLA ...
The son of OBATALA
The son of AGBODERE
The son of OSUN
The son of ORUNMILA
The son of ONIMERE
The son of Elegba
The son of SANGO
The son of OYA

And the list goes on and On ...

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