Sunday, January 21, 2024

Am OBATALA first Son

Am OBATALA first son.

I know my Father , and my Father Knows me.

Man was not made for money, but vice versa.

What's more important is purity , discipline, dedication, selfless service and Love.

Many who claimed to be onisese are only doing it for money, they have no idea what it is all about.

Many others are buying big titles because they think It would give them authority or social standard.

OBATALA is looking for those with pure mind and intentions but no one is available.

I do all I can to promote spirituality and traveling in the spirit realm which has been lost for ages.


I speak from the universe and for the universe.

Those who seek knowledge must first be thirsty , look for it.

Knowledge cannot come and meet you in your House.

Happy OBATALA day.
Every Sunday is for OBATALA

Eeeeeepaaaaa ORISA
ORISA eeeeeepaaaaaa.

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