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How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

I am here to break some tables and I would like some Babalawo, iyanifa and everyone into isese to  come and share their mind .

Some people see me as a threat and they wished that am dead. So they wished.

I was at the fore front of a great spiritual battle in the spirit realm, I was fighting side by side with SANGO Olukoso, OGUN lakaye , OLOKUN, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, ESUZ YEMOJA , AGBODERE, the host of heaven and the rest of millions of egbe Orun who are my family.

It was on the battle field that I met an ORISA of death, I haven't taken his permission to say it .

The ORISA said AJE NLA would you be happy if I can help? I never reject a request from an ORISA.

He said those who wished you dead would die in days without any traces of sickness or anything, I stop fighting and I ask some questions.

He said you have been trying and a little help would do no harm. I was filled with gracefulness and gratitude. I can face some other things that really matter.

I have received cal from more than 10 people who are willing to pay me monthly in as much as I can be protecting them, praying for them and making sure nothing happens to them.

If money was what I ever wanted, I would have said yes to such a sweet offer since I would be taking in millions but I said no. No other substitute for No. Just No.

This experience make me understand why church business is booming, many people are not ready for spirituality, they needed someone to do the heavy Job while they enjoy their life. They don't mind paying millions to you.

This is why pastors are selling anointing oils and do whatever to make money, some even paid pastors monthly for covering them against evil. I wonder if God is for Sale or Is God that scarce to see?

I never forget the topic, how accurate is your Holy book of IFA?

Many people has tried to link IFA and the ORISA with the biblical stories and people. 

Many people say that ELA who was born by his mother without physical contact with any man is the same Jesus. How can that be?

It is very foolish of you to think or say that.

IFA has been in existence a million years before the birth of Christianity. How are they related? 

You must be a fool to make such assumptions.

Don't forget that IFA has been passed down from generations to generations without any book or textbook .

Why do we need a text book called Holy Book of ODU IFA now?

Do our fore father's used this book ?

If you have an answer to this then let it be the right answer.

Babalawo are becoming more lazy day by day, they are looking for ways to make the work easier but it is not meant to be an easy task, being a babalawo is a lifetime dedication.

Why do you think a book can explain all that is inside IFA ?

So many babalawo are using Google to browse for ODU IFA and whatever.

If you are one of those, you are fake.

Babalawo are the closest thing to an ORISA. Babalawo is always in the company of ORISA, they live, eat ,sleep and do all things together.

But the babalawo of today are not ready for such full dedication. They want shortcut.

IFA has been passed down from generations simply because the moment you are initiated into IFA and as a babalawo, that is the moment you start your training in the dream.

Ancient babalawo are thought what they know in their sleep , The dream state is where they learn all what they learn.

ELA is not dead, the elders and others are not dead. How many babalawo has their contact in the spirit realm?

If you agree that IFA thought the purest babalawo via the dream.

Do you think a Holy book of ODU IFA written by someone can ever contain all what IFA would teach you in your dream?

Someone wrote that book to help those who are a baby in IFA to grow, it was never a manual to IFA and don't try to make it one..

I wrote an article about transgender LGBTQ and I quote the odu IFA that support it, I actually went to ORUNMILA to ask that question and he gave me insight to it . Here we are where many babalawo would only quote what was written by someone who tried to make money from holy ODU of IFA . They quote it and quote it and they claimed that I needed help.

Don't lie, many babalawo are online babalawo.

Real babalawo learn from the dream , how many of you learn from the dream?

So I ask again,  How accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA?

We have many versions or should I say many people try as much as possible to document what IFA says but can it be as accurate as learning it from IFA himself ?

Many argue that IFA doesn't exist, many says that IFA is not an ORISA that he is just a Spirit.

Many says am too full of shit but I ask, how accurate is your Holy book of ODU IFA.

No matter how hard you try, you can't be as accurate as learning from IFA himself.

The best way to learn is to learn from the ORISA themselves , enough of all this book reading and pointing fingers .

Learn inwardly from the source.
Of course the main reason we can't learn is because we are full of impurities, chasing money and thinking of building house, marrying as many wives as possible in the name of ORUNMILA.

ORUNMILA must be so proud of you.

So many people only heard about the big names of IFA , ORUNMILA and many others but they can't tell the difference between those names .

The secret to having a good connection with IFA is to remain pure,set some rules that would keep you in line with IFA .

I know, babalawo must eat but IFA is not sleeping.

Some times I woke up without a penny and I never worried about a shit, I know I would never go HUNGRY , I know money is just a value because of the value we attached to it. 

Money was never a priority to me and it doesn't really have value than the Knowledge. Between money and knowledge, if we are to choose I would choose knowledge over money.

Don't ask me why but it is my choice, you can choose money over knowledge because you think money cam buy the books in the world but knowledge is not found in books.

IFA is spirituality that can only be learn inwardly not something a book can teach you.

Though all interest start with a book but we must not stop there..

I think I should rest a little ...

Let me wait for those who would fire some questions at me.

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