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Facts about Obatala

15 amazing facts about Obatala

Obatala which happens to be one of the great Yoruba deities has some facts you have to know. 

Below are 15 amazing facts you should know about him.

1: Obatala is also known as "Orisanla".
2: He's one of the 401 deities shuttling between heaven and earth.

3: Obatala is one of the favorites of Olodumare.

4: He was the first irunmole which Olodumare sent to come perform the task of making earth habitable for humans to live in.

5: Obatala is responsible for the creation of human beings.

6: He hates cheating, lies, wickedness, betrayal, conspiracy, fornications, adultery and any anti social activities.

7: Obatala's followers are expected to wear white clothes always.

8: His followers must not engage in any act which might bring them into disrepute.

9: Obatala (followers) do not rear or eat pigs and dogs.

10: Obatala (followers) never drink/s palm wine.
11. Palm oil/salt must never be added to the food with which Obatala is to be served.

12. Obatala's followers must never wear black or red clothes or engage in making of dyes or wears, any dress which we made with dye material .

13. Obatala likes Shea butter and native chalk.

14. He mashed corn meal.

15. He's a fan of snails, black goat, white pigeons, pounded yam and white guinea-fowl.

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