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Is there repercussions / consequences to doing divination without the necessary Ebo?

Is there repercussions / consequences to doing divination without the necessary Ebo?

I know there has been a lot of controversial topics around this particular topic and I would like to make more emphasis on it.

First of all, it is your Life.

Whether you do it instantly or not, it is still your Life.

If you make consultation about something and IFA fore seen death on the client, the decision whether to follow what IFA says on the Ebo or not is left for the client .

After all, the client is the owner of his Life.

One thing about consequences is that it always happens whether you do something or you don't do anything. There is consequences to every action taken whether goood or bad, and there is also consequences for not taking action at all.

Taking the above example , if the client do the necessary Ebo and sacrifice the death on the client may be averted and if the client decide not to do the necessary Ebo or sacrifice then the client would be faced with the death consequences.

So when we talk on consequences, we shouldn't make a big deal out of it, we shouldn't make it look as if IFA is the one doing evil on those who has failed to do the needful.

Something like IFA would punish you for not doing it in the next seven days... BLA BLA BLA 

What concern IFA with that exactly?

The Odu that specifically addresses the consequences of not performing prescribed rituals or offerings (Ebo) is Odu Irete Ogbe. 

The client own his life and must be responsible for their actions.

New age babalawo need to learn and understand how consequences work, it's not a do or do affairs.

It's not something you must force people to do, because if you force people on anything, you have your own consequences to face as a babalawo as well.

So as a babalawo,you are to guide and let people make their own choice . Not forcing them on what they must do. You are to act neutral so as not to interfere.

You must not feel bad if the client decide not to do the needful with you or in your shrine, you don't need to scare them with high and inappropriate word that would make them to come back to do it.

By doing so, you are also crossing your limit and you will be dealt with.

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