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AJEGUN and why you don't need it

AJEGUN and why you don't need it 

AJEGUN is a spiritual work where you go away with whatever crime you have done .

Let's say for instance, you are owing someone a lot of money and you don't want to pay them back, you would do AJEGUN so that those people who you owe money would forget it .

For instance if you owe people some money.

They would not even remember that you are owing them money and those who remember that you are owing them money would forgive me and let go of the money even though they needed the money urgently, something would make them forget it and it would escape their mind that you are owing them money.


This is not a good spiritual work, those who use it would surely pay with their children's life or their own life and if they don't pay in this life time, they would pay in their next life .

How can you owe someone's money and you are looking for a way to escape it?

How can you?

You are a wicked person if you are using it and the babalawo doing it would also be paid in full by IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

You are forcing people to do what you can't ever take, would you love to unwillingly forgive someone owing you money. 

An evil force would force them and compel them to forget it .

It is your duty to pay back all what you owe , why would you be looking for shortcut?

You don't need AJEGUN, you need the heart of Love and hardwork to pay back your debt not a spiritual work to make them forget.

This spiritual work has a grave consequences.

The consequences are shared with the babalawo and the person who did the work.

Like I always say, I have rules and your money can't buy me.

All I want is a peace of mind and purity .

AJEGUN is different from AJéGUN .

Ajégun is that spiritual work you do when other spiritual work is not working on you.

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