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Cele Church Vs Babalawo

Cele Church Vs Babalawo

While I don't want to write on this topic but It has been on the dashboard of my blog for some days which means that people are really searching for this topics and they needed to know the truth.

This article is nothing but the truth and I never intend to tarnish anybody's reputation or business .

Whatever the outcome of this article is, calm down and don't think evil against me or anyone because it might be your doom and the end of your life. 

Cele Church was founded by SBJ oshofa and they are doing well in what they loved doing most.

It is a church that focus on spirituality, vision, prevention of future problems, and doing spiritual work to solve problems .

They do Sara for the dead which is called Amisa. I wonder where that is in the Bible .

They do all sort of spiritual work and some people wonder if truely cele is a church or Something else.

Most people going to this church are low vibration people who hate each other.

Though there is still some good people in the church with pure heart of love.

The church hides a lot of people who are in one spirit realm or the other. They used such people as prophets because of their spiritual ability and once they see another person from the spiritual realm with a greater ability or different ability, they start wagging spiritual war of supremacy.

Some people think cele Church was control by OSUN while others think it was control by OBATALA because of the white cloth symbols of this two ORISA and because both OSUN and OBATALA devotee goes in trance which is also like the way the celestial people goes to trance but the truth is that, it's a church controlled by a snake who is called OSUMARE.

Have snake , half human beings .

Am ORISA for seasons and weather . It's perfect symbols is Rainbow that shows in the sky.

Ever wonder why cele Church uses rainbow and the eye as their symbols.?

There is nothing bad about being a snake, am also a snake and I have many snake pet too .

Snake are authoritative in nature .

I have written about it in one of my blog post where I talk about 777 and other ORISA, 7th heaven, etc.

There is no need of comparing cele Church and Babalawo.

They are both doing what OLODUMARE sent them to do using different ways and method.

Babalawo has a higher chance because he speak with IFA and IFA is wise than any man , also IFA direct the babalawo on what must be done .

Some cele Church are embarrassing to to other cele Church because of what they do 

But I am telling you, if you want to be closer to OLODUMARE and you are not thinking of going on a full Yoruba isese religion, you can try a good cele Church where the pastor is good, discipline and well trained.

OSUMARE is my cousin, as much as I wrote all this he would not be angry , he wants people to know the truth anyway.

If you are power drunk as a prophet or you have joined one cult or the other in search of power and you are thinking of conjuring something in my name, I swear in the name of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, I swear in the name of my father OBATALA , You will die lie a fowl.

I would deal with you mercilessly and your children would not leave to tell the story.

Respect your boundary , do your work and I would do my work.

People have the choice of going to whatever church they want to go or which religion they want to do .

So just calm down and moooooove aside.

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