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No doubt ORISA AJE is the most famous ORISA

No doubt ORISA AJE is the most famous ORISA 

We are in AJE weekend and I am preparing for the homecoming party for AJE the ORISA for wealth and prosperity.

Whether you agree or not.

We prayed in the morning that God should bless us,we forget that God is the name of the white man supreme being.

We don't know what the white man was thinking before creating the word God but we agree to their supremacy.

You are praying the wrong prayer to the wrong person.

The same thing goes to the Muslim, we pray for wealth and do some spiritual work of wealth .

Some churches also do spiritual work of blessing .

But no amount of spiritual work can replace the fact that you need to Feed ORISA AJE .

ORISA AJE is the owner of wealth, prosperity, progress, and anything relating to it .

AJE doesn't fight and her Job is to bless you, connect you with buyers and sellers, connect you with those who will help your business. .The christians call it divine connection. You are talking about AJE .

She is my new girlfriend now, 😁 I can see her smiling since yesterday I started this AJE movement.

Everyone has their own way of feeding AJE and I must say AJE has many children. The result of her many children is what give room to variation in the way different people feed AJE .

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I do was to thank my Ori, followed by thanking AJE .

The role of AJE cannot be underestimated.

As you know , am AJE NLA +2347031178647. AJE is in my name, ever wonder why? 

Why was my name AJE NLA, I would tell you what you don't know today .

There is one AJE NLA in the universe, selected at the general meetings of the ORISA that used to happen once in every 200 years. That means when am dead, another person would be selected as the AJE NLA.

Am not thinking of dieing now till am 150 years old and those who pray for my death would die in the next 7days of their prayer .

It's a spiritual title and not just a title. 

We distribute AJE to everyone according to their prayer and works .

Though AJE doesn't fight and hence the reason why some people are still poor. You need to fight off those battles before AJE is activated.

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  1. When feeding aje with a white bird , do we pour the blood inside the igba or we pour it close to it. I’ve heard certain practitioners who say you pour it close to it but I’ve seen many pour it directly in the igba. Please I need some clarification. Thanks!