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From the incept the history has mentioned that Awon iyami has served as  first best commander of olodumare while it's because they also awares or involved when olodumare create a world even have put their spiritual effort of making its been possible.

In the process of created a world Awon iyami knows as first mother in this world which their spiritual identity were informed of birds...

Also originally and specifically referred as ( black sacred birds, white, and red as well ) those were been serving olodumare before created 201 deity....

Awon ìyàmï asked for olodumare permission for settle down on earth as of looking after on what he has been created Holy Odù osa meji has conceived them also lead them on earth..

Although many Odù ifa were also says allot of fact about iyami such as irete olota which actualise also revealed their existence and major problem they cause to ode ota generally as this turbulence which make olota king summoned òrúnmìlá for getting rid and helping him found solutions to the problem....

Se Àpò duru simi ki se apo duru sio

 Adífáfún òrúnmìlá baba sawo rode ota won ji won ko omi inú

Ebo lawo ni ki wón mo múse 

Woń gbe ebo nbe won rubo
E je a sinmi o e je a sinmi gbogbo wa la jumo leye lapo e je asin mi.. 

Additional point...Àwon ìyàmï have a core of conduct we can't just underestimate or disrespect them therefore,because they punishing  people whose doesn't show kinds of respect or disvalue them but in the second note they were very simple as all traditionalist knows it when we're making sacrifice or taking propitiation in other of seeking their blessings and Mercy as well they  can be nice to us then also to being guided us as well if our intentions is also good ........Ìwòrì gósùn gósùn sowó odó poroporo Adífáfún won ni igosun aremo omo agunyan popo fun oso mu...

Oso ile nbe woń ki se odoro 
Aje ibe won ki se osika

Tani o ko ko da ilé si eleye awa omo éníyán la Kókó da ile si eleye.....

Ifadamipe  Babalawo

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