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Sex - The hidden passage to heaven

Sex - The hidden passage to heaven 

This article would go against your beliefs so therefore I would advice you not to read it if you are not ready to know the truth. 

The main purpose of sex were many which include passage rites to heaven, pleasure, bond of energies, sharing of Powers etc. 

The world we live in Today doesn't know all this, they only know the pleasure aspect which leads to procreation. 

In another article, am going to talk on the main purpose of Marriage but am not here to talk about marriage. 

Whether you like it or not, the vagina Is a portal, and the male Pennis is the key that unlock the portal. 

You can't open it yourself as a woman, you need a man. A man can't open it with any types of woman but the right woman. 

Not every key opens all door, some key opens other doors but doesn't mean it would open the right door. 

If you have ever had sex with the right girl, you feel as if you are in heaven, why are you not?  You are actually in heaven, you just don't know it until now that you are reading this article. 

Those different sex position were to induced trans in you, to make you go beyond this world and reconnect with your true self in heaven. 

Many ladies know this and they prey on it to do evil. While you are busy having the pleasure, they are busy trying to enter your energy space because during sex, both energies combine as one and the portals to heaven open.  

While both energies were mixed, you need to watch out because MOSt girls uses this means to introduce a very big destroying energies into your energies which will later influence you into doing things which will not be fruitful. 

In most cases, after sex you need to bath with Epsom salt to clear off this bad energies. But many doesn't know this and they never tried it. 

In ancient times, am taking about 300BC.
During sex like this, both gender are in ecstasy and in another realm, they both fell off and sleep off. 

They started the journey with sex in the physical world, and they sleep off during sex to continue the journey into the inner of heavens. 

This knowledge is lost for centuries until now. 

There is a road map and a spiritual guidance who guide, monitor and supervise this events. 

I can't talk more than this but I am telling you, you didn't have to die before going to heaven. 

Your pastor are all Fake... 

They are looking for what to eat and nothing more, so they Feed you with false knowledge. 


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