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Relationship consultation - Relationship is more dangerous than Life Wire

Relationship consultation - Relationship is more dangerous than Life Wire

Some ladies are doom, their middle name is doom and they are looking for who to affects with this doom. 

This ladies are so inconsiderate that all they care is all about themselves, and you will be the one to suffer for it as a man. 

We also have some men who are extra wicked, they will take you to their friends house and they gang rape you. 

In short, the both gender are all becoming wicked and evil, so the need for spiritual consultation.

Before you go into any relationship, consult about it, no matter what happened at the beginning of such relationship because at the beginning you wouldn't know their intentions, all you see is pretence and game. 

Some people will wake the good years of your life and later say sorry, that is one of the reasons for consultation. 

We have yahoo boys and girls now, who would use you for anything just to buy a car and house,  you need consultation. 

Relationship is now more dangerous than Fire. We need to be extra careful. 

And if you are a victim of such,  there is still hope for you. 

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