Saturday, November 4, 2023

What changes and why most Babalawo, Alfa, Pastors are Powerless and their work ineffective

What changes and why most Babalawo, Alfa, Pastors are Powerless and their work ineffective 

This days have come across a lot of people claiming that they have feed a lot of Orisa, they have carried a lot of sacrifice ,they have been to many Alfa and many pastors  yet nothing happens. 

The truth is that the Orisa are withdrawing their presence and Power from majority of the people mentioned above. 

The reason for doing so is what I don't know, but the presence of Orisa and all the Powers will make their spiritual work ineffective and powerless. 

It's so painful that they make the loudest of noise on the internet, they have the largest followers. 

If the largest followers on the internet is what determine the number of power, then you have been deceived.  All this are marketing and you fall for it. 

You keep on spending money till you have nothing else to spend and what they do for you wouldn't work. So you think we are all the same. 

I don't have anything to prove that is why I am not on social media to upload pics or video or create market by marketing. 

Working with me will take a lot of your time, because I don't rush. I give you time and time. 

Most Pastor, Alfa, Babalawo don't follow the strict rules lay down by OLODUMARE the father of all. 

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