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Inviting and invoking the Host of Heaven

Inviting and invoking the Host of Heaven 

No spiritual war have been won without money. 

If you go to Pastor, they prayed for you and then tell you to go on Fasting for who knows how many days. 

This is a long method,the war can take years for you to win. 

This is because you need to invite and invoke the host of heaven to fight for you. 

No pastor or Imam can say boldly that they have ever seen the host of heaven before,  neither can they say that they know how to invite or invoke them. 

You want to go to spiritual war without the host of heaven?  Never. 

Let's assume you invite the host of heaven,  what do you think you would feed them with?  Biscuit?  😂 

Funny people doing fake deliverance and facing their own problems at night. 😂 

You need to know how to invite the host of heaven for you to win a war, after inviting them, you need to feed them well and make them happy. 

Many would think of this as a fallacy, but it's not. 

The host of heaven are just like ORISA,  they have their headquarters and Office located somewhere. 

There Job is to fight spiritual battles for whoever invite them. 

They may choose to initiate you into being their members but this is entirely their own decision. 

The monetary aspect is that you may be require to buy materials for war, and also spend money which they would use to do spiritual work for you to prepare you for war. 

If your Pastor is inviting the host of heaven with his mouth, just laugh..  He is bluffing, nobody is coming. 

They are not an ORISA to ridicule with your words of mouth with no glory or honour in it. 

If you have been to their headquarters and see the might men of war, both big and small, with each person having their own style of war. 

They may choose to give you 10,000 armies to live with you daily. 

This is what they do, they protect their loved ones and selected few. 

I can't say more than this and don't ask me how to invoke them cos I won't tell. 

I just want you to know that they are ORISA and as such must be Feed and Honoured just like any other Orisa. 

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