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SANGO owns Thunder disregard any false narratives

SANGO owns Thunder disregard any false narratives

Many people have come online to speak a lot of rubbish and False narrative just to have likes and the rest. 

I saw one stupid video when someone is saying SANGO doesn't own thunder. 

I wasn't surprised at all, people like him are hungry, looking for cheap fame. People like him are Paid a penny by the likes of whoever is paying them just to tell false stories about our great Father SANGO. 

IF I were to ask you, did you consult or visit SANGO in koso to know the actual story?  No. 

I believe the writer of such false story went to meet some old folks who know nothing about SANGO or reading a false book. 

For each creation that OLODUMARE make, he give them a purpose and at the same time give them a power to give birth and have a child (asking them what will make their work easier and the Orisa can say whatever would make his work easier and it shall be so).

Just like ORUNMILA the father of IFA,  that means IFA is a child of ORUNMILA. 

AJE is The child of OLOKUN 

So also thunder is the child of SANGO. 

The father who is the ORISA has their purpose and the child has their own purpose. 

Anytime there is need for a particular thing, an Orisa is created to fill that need and serve that purpose and that is why we have thousands of ORISA.

Someone saying all sort of things against  a legend is either in distress or doesn't know what he is doing. 

Someone of such lack spirituality, neither does he has spiritual insight. 

Well I can't say much than this.. 

SANGO is my brother too, he has trained me in combat for many wars. 

He is humble and one of the most accommodating Orisa. 

I can write 100 book about SANGO which you can never find anywhere. 

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