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OLOKUN my spiritual Brother and Godfather

OLOKUN my spiritual Brother and Godfather 

Many always think of me as s hungry man trying to make a living by posting rubbish or imaginative articles. 

Many people have called me to know which Cult I belong to,  some are asking if am a Babalawo or not.some people ask if they can Join me. Some even think I copy my articles from Book or Journals because they don't think we have people who would have such depth of spirituality .

The truth is that it was OLOKUN that always inspire me to write those articles, because he is the keeper of ancient secrets. 

He mentor me to be who I am today, he trained me and I want to be like him if OLODUMARE can turn Me into ORISA. 

The bond between ORISA and man had not been this tight for a long time,  I am not the only one with this Gift of bonding with the ORISA. 

THE Orisa are initiating people themselves if they found you pure and not interested in the world, there are few many of us both they don't know who to meet that would guide them and that is why I always write these articles for them where ever they are that they are not alone and at the same time, they can contact me. 

They are bonding with people in other to flush out fake Babalawo, fake prophets , fake Alfa and the rest that are into spiritual work who are not called or just doing it for money or called but mix something else with it. 

OLOKUN has taken me to many heavens and many earth,  so many things I have experience in my Life that my mouth can't said it all. 

I have been called by many BABALAWO trying to know what and what. 

Even OLOKUN devotees need to buckle up,  it's not beyond the normal feeding and appeasing of the ORISA  .

as a devotee of OLOKUN,  you need to be disciplined, have a strong will and passion towards something, be opened to new things and remain pure no matter the problem you may faced. 

Being with OLOKUN come with a lot of test,  but you have to remain firm in him and be faithful. 

He is am ancient Orisa that knows what happened from the beginning of the creation of the world till now and possibly what will happen next. 

OLOKUN was chosen among the Orisa has the keeper of secrets because of many reasons beyond my own knowledge but one of those reasons is that he is extra wise. 

He is my brother, anytime you see me, you are looking at OLOKUN. 

am not into any blood rituals,  feeding OLOKUN doesn't involve blood of humans, we used fruits and some other ingredients. 

OLOKUN always blessed one with infinite wisdom and that is why there is no divination without involving OLOKUN. 

we say IFA OLOKUN.   IFA AND OLOKUN are two different ORISA but we always called them like that....  Only few people knows this.  We do divination involving both IFA and OLOKUN. 

YOUR church mindset is the reason why your relationship with ORISA and other people from other world not working for you. 

They are not Bad people cos have been with them for years now. 

OLOKUN has always protect the sea and Ocean and that is why nobody could tell the location of YEMOJA and other sea kingdom. 

OLOKUN has protect the world from the ocean and sea even JESUS didn't go in the sea to do his ministry, and he is still protecting the sea and I appreciate him for that. 

Those who are film lovers would know why Americans are trying to unravel the mystery of the sea which they can never find or see till the world end. 

OLOKUN blessed one with riches and if you want to feed / appropriate him to be blessed, to fight spiritual battles for you and gain insight into the future.. We can do it for you. 

Am not a FAKE PERSON,  and am not forcing anyone to do spiritual work with Me  ,do it where ever you want. 

I have limit the exposition about my travels to the other world because of those who steal content. 

If you need me to do consultation for you I would, I dont belong to anyone or anything.  The ORISA ARE MY FAMILY AND EVERYTHING I HAVE GOT,  MEETING THEM WAS MY GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT. 

I am disciplined, my yes is Yes and my No is No. I don't have time for shit and I careless on your opinion. It's not because of Pride, it's the strict rules and training they gave me. 

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