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Many people have been used from Childhood - AJE NLA

Many people have been used from Childhood - AJE NLA 

while growing up,  many of us have been used. We would visit our extended family, be it uncle, aunt and the rest of them. 

We would experience what we dare not tell our parents when we got back home. Such experience left a dark spot in us that we haven't healed. 

All my articles are from my experience whether good or bad but majorly bad, I have experience majorly bad experiences and I struggle a lot before I get here. It is not out of hunger than I consult for people, it was an instruction from OBATALA. 

There is a spiritual law that says any man that interfere in another man's problem would take part of it, knowing this always keep me away from praying or doing any sort of deliverance for people until OBATALA instruct me to help people out using IFA method. 

Many of us have been used by eating from the neighbors when without our parents knowing the kind of food we eat, our neighbors must have given us some sort of food and we being courteous at young would eat anything and would not tell our parents because they would beat us. 

Many of us followed our school friend to their house and something bad happened, we can't go home and talk about it. 

And the scene are so long that I can't explain it. 

It all came down on us when we grow up and all what we do are just not fruitful, so we began to move from one place to a other seeking spiritual freedom .

Issue like this are not easy to resolve because it has been with us for years and those who used you must have been dead or old and passed the power to their children to do and continue their evil deed on you. 

You have two choice, either fast and pray till your problem is Over or you visit a good spiritual man with a navigator to monitor your progress spiritually. 

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