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Forcing people to love you and it's consequences

Forcing people to love you and it's consequences 

People who forced someone to love them and the people who tied someone else destiny are the same thing, they are doing the same thing, they are tying someone down for their own selfish interest.

People who indulge in this act feel insecure and inferior to others. 

They think they are not good enough, this can only be cause by many factors which involve upbringing, having spiritual issues to work out. 

When you force someone who is not meant  for you to love you by force, you prevent someone who is suppose to love that person from accessing that person thereby causing pain for someone while you are enjoying, and at the same time deprive who was meant for you. This act can't go unnoticed by nature and it is against the natural Law. 

The consequences of this action are Always splitted unto those who take part in doing it starting from the Babalawo that do the job, the person who the Babalawo did the job for and those who are there when they are doing it. 

Many people have come to me for such thing but I decline, I don't get my hand dirty over money or anything. They left, they may think am incompetent, I don't care. I have rules and guidelines which I have to follow. 

The consequences arrived later in Life and if it doesn't happen this life time,such person Has accumulated spiritual debt that must be paid in another life time. Search this blog for spiritual debt    .

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