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The history of divination

The history of divination 

This is a hell of a history you would find hard to believe. 

divination started with OBI. In those days, Life was so simple that people couldn't ask a complex questions, they just ask a question as simple like, should I marry this girl, should I go to farm tomorrow. Etc. 

As they got this knowledge of divination, it spring out a lot of energies and idea in some people that they start divination using bones, coconut etc. 

As time goes on people's questions about Life begin to broaden, and OBI couldn't answer such complex questions has it can only answer yes or no. 

Then OBATALA thought people on how to use Cowrie as a method of divination via their dream. 

People start using it, it flaws is that you have to be committed and pure of heart, you have to bond with the cowrie as one to use it.

It also take like 4 throw of cowrie to arrived at the final divination, people grow tired and weak, they grow impatience they want something faster and easier. 

IKIN was introduced by ORUNMILA, he thought people on how to use it and how they can do initiation with it. 

IKIN uses binary numbers as divination, simpler than Cowrie divination, people loved it. They cast the IKIN to write it's binary number till an ODU is form. 

People still grow tired and want something even more faster so ORUMILA inspired Opele, though IKIN is used during IFA initiation to know which Orisa aligned with you. 

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