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The hidden purpose of Marriage

The hidden purpose of Marriage 

I have seen many pastors and imam talk about different purpose of marriages and the rest just to make am headline. 

But majority of their talk is just rubbish. 

The purpose of Marriage is to Bond their Energy and walk into the spiritual realm together. 

Marriage is for Bonding and sharing of Powers to become one.

I wrote an article on sex the hidden passage to heaven, here I talk on how sex lead to you and your partner entering into heaven. 

Sex is meant for those who are ready to share a bonding of energies and power. But today we see sex as sport and that is why we are faced with a lot of problems yet no answer. 

Marriage is for people who are ready to grow in the spirit, there is lot you can do in the spirit world, you can build a mansion, go on adventures etc in the spirit realm. 

Praying is just a waste if time because it doesn't follow any spiritual principles. 

When you reach heaven as a couple, there is more you can do eg visiting many places of historical value in spiritual realm etc. 

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