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There is no hidden curse attached to Sex

There is no hidden curse attached to Sex

Yes, you heard me right. 

There is absolutely no hidden curse attached to sex, forget what your pastor is saying. 

Your pastor is not an initiate and he knows nothing about this deep secretive knowledge.

The reason why you are having such bad experience after sex with the wrong partner is because, some people are born with so much of bad energies such that if you have sex, sex is also known as bonding of energies. 

If you have sex with such people, it might take years to remove such bad energy from you.  There is no curse attached to sex before and after marriage. 

We are made of energy, this is fact. 

Some higher religion doesn't talk about who you had sex with or not. They just ask you if you are ready for the consequences of your action. 

Many people are not ready, they don't go to the right seminar because there is none. 

No one knows the truth anymore, so nobody is talking about the truth. 

Am not saying this to give you a courage to sleep around with ladies but to give you a hint on what actually happened. 

If you have such encounter with such a bad fellow of a man or woman, contact me on cleansing. 

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