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This is what to do when you have a child that fall sick too often

This is what to do when you have a child that fall sick too often

Once you have a child that sick too much, and you took the child to the hospital too often, there are many things that could cause such sickness. 

It could be that the child has been used, don't trust anyone in this era, even your spouse you shouldn't trust him/her talk less of your neighbour or friends or family,  when we have issues like this, and it turn out that the child has been used..  We would do restoration for such child and feeding of one Orisa. 

The second reason for this kind of sickness is that someone somewhere is using Evil Spirit to make the child a sources of sadness for you.  In scenario like this we consult IFA and IFA would tell us what and what To do to conquer. 

The last reason for sickness in children is heavenly friends and family who you have not yet given them their dues. Yes if you have or child who belong to a group in heaven and own a key position, things like this always happen. The only way out is to ask what the heavenly group wants and you give them. 

That is all. 

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