Sunday, November 5, 2023

Your Problem is your Pastor

Your Problem is your Pastor

Some of you, your problem started the moment you start going to a particular church and it manifest later when you are no more attending the church or while you are still there. 

It's common for Pastors to shift the blame on Your ancestors by saying you have a family problems etc. 

You don't know what your Pastor eat or put for mouth before coming to church, only God knows his real disciple because even the Famous ones have slide off and they can't go back. 

Your pastors will say, you have to pay tithe or else you will not have enough, this is where he use style and curse you. He said no matter what you do, you would not have enough until you pay his bills. 

I can't talk on many more problems crested by your Pastors and you keep on going to that church. 

Your Pastor would not admit that they have no knowledge in one area, they would tell you it's a mystery or tell you to go and pray. 

Many people are into the church today for business and they are using all sort of things to get customers, don't be a victim. 

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