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What to do when Marrying Elegbe OMO (Your Wife)

What to do when Marrying Elegbe OMO (Your Wife) 

Almost all the girls in the world belong to one spiritual and heavenly group or the other. 

Some girls belong to the water, that is they are water girls. They come from the water. 

Some other girls belong to other groups which I am not supposed to say. 

Marriage goes beyond marrying in the church and paying the family dowry. It goes way beyond that. 

Before you marry your dream woman, there are some things which must be done locally, spiritually which will make the marriage prosper. 

Inability to do this will make the marriage hard the first few years, some marriage even break because of a little issue as small as toothpaste. Can you Imagine? 

There are rituals that must be done in order for the marriage to be fruitful and blessed. 

So many people don't do this, hence marriage is not sweet and fruitful for them, some people even divorce after few years like 20years.

It's not because they are not compatible, it's because they have not done the rites and rituals of marriage in the spiritual realm. 

Your Pastors don't know this, they would tell you to pray and what has that done for you? 

Follow those who know road, contact me for your marriage rituals so that your marriage would be blessed. 

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