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What to do when he dump you abruptly

What to do when he dump you abruptly 

It's so shameful that many ladies see relationship as cashout way of Life. They don't want to do anything or should I say they placed their hope and life on their boyfriend.

If I should count, I can't count not less than 346 woman that has called me in this new month of December, and for what exactly?

My boyfriend left me over a little quarrel, can you make him come back to me because I love him , I don't want to loose him.

I AJE NLA after receiving such call don't know what to say because they would not listen to the truth.

I told whoever call me to calm down, first of all I don't do such stupid spiritual work. Forcing someone on yourself is not my work because it is against the spiritual law . Don't force anything to happen at any point in time.

Rather be a better version of yourself, work on yourself and be better at it . There are millions of buys out there, why do you want to die over this particular guy?

I know the answer, it's because of Money. He has money that he spent on you and it is because of the money you fall in love with him.

In this situation, it's a win win thing. He slept with you as a lady, probably use something to sleep with you to enhance his wealth as usual.

After sleeping with you, he has gotten the better juice of your destiny and dump you, he move on to the next girl and you are Sad?. Why? Haven't you been paid for your service ?

If you have a G boy has boy friend , you need to do a powerful restoration or else ......

If such guy dump you, my sister there is nothing for you.

If you need money, hustle. There is a high tendency that ladies found more favour than men because they are our mothers.

Before them use you, use your sense.

If a guy dump you, work on being a better version of yourself and he would bite his finger for loosing you.

Guys are not after how many rounds you can go, guys are not after how many cigarettes you can smoke, real guys are only looking for a well cultured woman who knows her left from her right.

Women are my mothers and I hate to see them suffer. Guys respect ladies in whatever you do.

If you know you don't need her, don't waste her time.

Well, if a guy dated you for more than 2 years and he didn't marry you, go and report him to IYAAMI ELEYE and destroy his entire Life because wickedness begot wickedness. An eye for an eye.

No forgiveness for the wicked soul.

Well I am not preaching wickedness but I just don't like ladies to be badly treated.

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