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Is it wrong for Christian to marry Onisese (Traditional worshipper)

Is it wrong for Christian to marry Onisese (Traditional worshipper)

There is nothing wrong or bad about it.

It is wrong if you feel bad that people are thinking bad about your decision.

I wonder why you would let people be the one to decide what to do.

Onisese are not evil people.

There is nothing wrong in marrying a christians are onisese and there is nothing wrong in a Christian marry Onisese.

This is the matter of love , love is a universal language that is higher above human religious Beliefs and dogma.

Your Pastor wouldn't allow it because he would loose his tithe and offering and would not have dominion over your life .

They paint onisese as bad people the way they painted our brother ESU as Satan .

On a final note, there is nothing wrong in marrying who you want to marry, the choice is your and you shouldn't let anyone influence or decide that for you.

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