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Meetings day for Iyamoja Children


 Meetings day for Iyamoja Children

After you are not part of iyamoja Children, the next thing to do is to make sure you are attending their meetings.

Ofcourse its like a club or associate of its own.

Which have its ranks and chieftancy . Their ranks and chieftancy are topics of discussion of another day.

The days of the month when their meetings is done is for you to find out.

And if you dont kno they used to have meetings,then you know

Most people who claim to be daughter of Iyamoja or Iyamoja priestess are fake, many of them are just scamming people of their Money .

That is why the ORISA sent me to librated the world with wisdom.

For further knowledge please contact AJE NLA.

To get knowledgeable.

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