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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Friday, December 8, 2023

How YEMOJA looks like

How YEMOJA looks like

How yemoja look like.

AFRICAN GODDESS named YEMOJA who dwell in the OGUN RIVER, with HAIR that was BLACK as MIDNIGHT and SKIN DARK BROWN like MOLASSES that pour from OAK TREE’S on a hot summer’s day. 

Around her neck she wore a beautifully strung necklace made with RIVER STONES.

Monday, October 30, 2023

species of Yemoja

species of Yemoja

 Species of Yemoja

There are so many species of Yemoja.
If you have been there you would know that they are so many and plenty.

Just like humans we have different species of yemoja.

After my visit millions of visit to Yemoja,have decided to write something about them.

Below are few species of Yemoja

Tall specie - This specie are long like up to 50m, so gigantic that you will fear God when you see them.

Not too attractive specie - This specie are not that good looking because of their Face but it doesn’t make them Bad.

Beauty and attraction species- This is the most common specie best known to man kind, they are the most populous and the most easily seen by Man.

I would not be able to go deeper than this but if you have questions, you can contact me on whatsap +2347031178647

Friday, October 13, 2023

Iyamoja Taboos

Iyamoja Taboos


Iyamoja Taboos

This are taboo for people who are iyamoja children not to feed her with or else it would remove you from being her children and you might loose your Life.

Iyamoja is very strict and doesn’t take nonsense from anyone.

Taboos include:

• Fish ( must not be used to feed the deity)

• Iyamoja followers and devotee must not eat fish ,this is not pertaining to all of them but once you are her children you would be Told

• Bitter kola, 

Guinea corn, 


Palm kernel oil

• Dog

: Yemoja is the fed while kneeling down. 

Some of the offering may be thrown into the stream or river near the shrine.