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How to identify Original Cult and Fake Cult


 How to identify Original Cult and Fake Cult

Yes you heard that right.

Many people claims to be in one cult or the other e.g Ogboni Cult , Sango Cult , Yemoja cults and the likes of them.

But what you don't known is that many if this cult are what it used to be anymore. 

The purpose of creating this cult is not there anymore and so, many cult are into something else.

Initially cult were created to challenge rulers, authorities when they are doing bad things to the general public or when they are making life harder for the people, the cult will call them into order.

But if you look at today’s world, the cult has loose its purpose an functions. The cult can no longer talk on any issue.

Since we have discussed what the cult is all about, what then is the fake and original cult

Fake cult is what we have in the society today, but it doesn’t mean there is no original cult.

I will talk on Fake cult characteristics ..

Fake Cult are doing one initiation: There are two types of initiation, the outer initiation which is the one they do in their secret meeting house  and the dream initiation. If you find yourself in a cult and all they do is outer initiation without the dream initiation is Fake.

The dream initiation takes place in the secret meeting house in the spiritual realm where the member gathered to do meeting.

That is the first reason, many cults are not what it used to be.

The reason above is bigger than what you can imagine.

Second reason is that Many Cult are controlled by an Orisa Imagine being in Sango Cult, you will definitely see Sango Olukoso every day you went to meeting because he owns the Cult , he give the commandments and guides them in the Cult.

Sango mentors his Cult members and he appears to them the physical to guide and protect them.

Many cults of Today lacks the presence of the Grand Founder which is an Orisa. 

If you are in a Cult and you can’t have a talk with the Orisa of that cult both physically and Spiritually. You are in a fake Cult.

Fake Cults are into blood rituals, if you are in a cult and they are requesting human parts or blood, you are in a fake cult.

The reason why Fake cult uses those human parts is bevause of black power. Black powers work faster but the bad thing is that you die faster or quicker.

This is what many musicians and politicians are going today, quick fame and quick death.

Am not saying more than this but you can get the rest in your mind.

Am AJE NLA, guidance of AJE IN all spiritual existence 


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