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The Gospel lie about Marine spirit


 The Gospel lie about Marine spirit 

Have searched the bible from genesis to Revelation have not seen where the bible talk about Marine spirit, neither did it mention bros J having a conversation with them.

Asa matter of Fact matters of water was avoided in the bible, the bible says the in Gen 1:2 that the earth was without form and the spirit of God was trembling on it.

So far so Good you have been made to believe that Marine spirit are evil spirits which torment people up and down.

So far so good you have been told that marine spirit destroy people destiny etc.

Marine spirit are created by Olodumare to serve as servant that bring wealth and prosperities.

They are like servant that serve you and they clear your path to glory.

Marine spirit are in their thousands and they followed Omo Omi to this world to serve and make their Life easy and enjoyable.

There is nothing evil about them.

Unless you are trying to injured their friend and master with your evil act, that is when they would act.

Just like human beings ,we have our dark side for who ever offended us, the same thing applies to them.

You can have your own marine spirit too that will serve you but first you need to be a child of Yemoja before you can have your spirit.

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