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Difference between Omo Omi and Irawo Omi


 Difference between Omo Omi and Irawo Omi

Many people want to know the difference between this two. Omo omi and Irawo Omi.

Many people cant tell the difference between omo omi and irawo Omi but i am here today to tell you the difference between Omo Omi amd Irawo Omi.

Omo Omi are children of Orisa who are related to Omi eg Osun.

Omo Omi are Children of Orisa Osun, Children of Olokun, Children of Yemoja ,children of Olosa, Children of Agira and other Orisa Omi.

These Children are living with these Orisa inside the water and while living inside water ask for permission to come to earth and are giving the permission to do so.

After coming to earth many of them forget their roots or where they are coming from. Many of them neglect their mates and family in the Water even though they always give them signs but they fail to listen.

That is why many of omo omi always have issuee and problems because they failed to acknowledge their families.

Where as the irawo omi is talking about the star at which OLODUMARE created you.

Your star also determines who you marry and what kind of work you do.

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