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Sex in the dream , meaning and way out

 Sex  in the dream , meaning and way out

If you are having sex in the dream and you are worries and don’t know where to go to for answeres and solutions.

Not to worrry at all as i would be guiding you about it.

There are many factors that influence sex in the dream.

Ask yourself, am i sex starve?

If you are sex starve or not in a relationship,there is every tendency that you would be having sex in the dream.

But if your answer is No. you are not sex starve. Then the followings have to be checked.

Dreaming of sex in the dream has two sides of a coin.

Its either someone somewhere is stolen something from you via dream or someone somewhere is giving back what they have stolen.

It might be your glory that is being stolen or a restored glory

That means dreaming about sex is either a restoration or a you loosing something.

Sometimes if you are being initiated into a cult or something, you will dream of having sex in the dream. 

Sex in the dream can also mean initiation into something.

The big question is,

How do you know which one is it?

Is it that you are having a restoration or something is stolen from you?


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