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Difference between OLOKUN and YEMOJA

Difference between OLOKUN and YEMOJA 

These tow great ÔRISÂ are beyond comparison. But for those who are not Yoruba religion practitioners, hence we need to make it clearer. 

OLOKUN is always and almost reference as a male deity whild YEMOJA is always reference as a woman deity. 

OLOKUN is attributed to the zodiac stars of Pisces while YEMOJA is attributed to zodiac star of the moon. 

When it comes to the wealth of the world, OLOKUN has the largest wealth in the universe compare to YEMOJA. 

There is no IFA readings and divinity without OLOKUN and that is why it is reference as AJE OLOKUN. IFA OLOKUN a soro d'ayo.

More explanation of IFA OLOKUN meaning is already talk about on this blog. 

OLOKUN is one of the ORISA that was created by ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ long before creation of Man. He even featured in the bible. Read all about OLOKUN on its archive of this blog

Though many times YEMOJA is mistaken for OSUN but they are not the same. 

YEMOJA is more closer to the people than OLOKUN. 

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