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OSUN is the youngest sister to YEMOJA as the legends reveal.

 They of course shared the same rival of any sister. 

They are also mistaken to be one and the same but they are completely different. 

One is of SWEET WATERS while the other is of SALT WATERS.

 OSUN resides in all the RIVERS and LAKES of the WORLD. 

YEMOJA resides in OCEAN WATERS, referred to as SEA WATERS.  

The OCEAN Waters has a very strong HEALING POWERS with enough salt to heal all well into future generations if MAN doesn’t completely forget this gift that has been giving since the beginning of time. 

While SWEET WATERS will bless one with sweetness.

It is very powerful energy when the two cross and meet at the sea shore. Very powerful healing rituals are done there.


Both YEMOJA and OSUN are sister gifts whom both come into this world to heal mankind.

OSUN resides in a very powerful place in Yorubaland, OSHOGBO, NIGERIA. 

The actual cave is still in tact today. 

The entrance to this cave is of a YELLOWISH-TERRA-COTTA like color it almost resembles a huge face. 

The surrounding areas is a very think bushes and near it you will find carved STONE statues of ESU LAROYE who is the door opener for the blessings of OSUN. 

These blessings are bestowed on people during the OSUN FESTIVALS.  

Hundreds of thousands people visits this place to be blessed by the ORISA GODDESS OSUN to pay their respects 

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