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Facts about YEMOJA


 Yemoja in the Yoruba language, Yemanya in other language, well, both are correct. 

Below are  facts about this mother of fishes.

1:  She is also known as a river divinity

2: Yemoja represents the collective concepts of aquatic life.

3: She is not an Irunmole but an Orisa.

4: A very close to sango deity that is also known for her limitless patience and compassion.

5: Like Osun, Yemoja suffered from childlessness for a considerable period of time before she was blessed with children.

6: Yemoja is similar to Osun because of their association with water.

7: Yemoja simply means Iye-Omo-Eja, which means, the mother of fishes.

8: She is said according to Obara-Owonrin to have transformed herself into water with other ( Osun and Obà) because of parrot feathers.

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