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Fasted way to win spiritual Battle


 Fasted way to win spiritual Battle

Some of us have inherited spiritual battles from the family we are born into, some we got them from our place of work.

Some battles were gotten from our landlords and cotenants.

No matter the battles of Life that we are facing,there is a solution to them and the following are the fastest way to win those battles.

Ori - Here you have to Bo Ori (Appropriate or feed the head) . Our heads are full with a lot of battles, a lot of evils from various people such that we need clear those loads in our head. 

The way we appropriate or Bo Ori the head varies from religion to religion but no religion can do it better than yoruba isese religion.

In Yoruba religion, Bi Ori is based on what your head says after consultation of IFA

It is very cheap 

Egbe orun - Egbe Orun is another way we can win spiritual batles. Some battle can be won with the help of our spiritual friends from other world.

Only a Babalawo or iyanifa can do egbe orun for you not an alfa or pastor.

Ifa Consultation - Ifa consultation always point the direction to go and where the battles is coming from.

Ifa Initiation - After your initiation,many battles will solve automatically because you are an Ifa initiate.

These are fastest way to win spiritual battles and if you née guidance kindly contact AJE NLA +2347031178647

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