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Feeding / Appeasements of IYAMOJA


 Feeding / Appeasements of IYAMOJA 

As Yemoja devotee and daughter and son, these are few things out od the items used to feed iyamoja

You can be her daughter too or her son if you wish, we can link you up with Iyamoja in the spirit realm by doing the rites and ritual for you and you will be her daughter. 

Yemoja feeding materials are:

• White Kolanuts with four valves, 


 Kolanut with four valves.

• Liquor, 

Corn pudding (Ègbo), 

yam porridge,

 Melon and garden egg soup,

 Ekuru (ground and cooked bean)

• Snail, 

sugar cane, 

Hen, duck, 


This are the material used for feeding iyamoja

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