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How to communicate with your loved one who is dead



How to communicate with your loved one who is dead

Days of the week when the dead can visit the Living 

Yes you heard that right.

I know in our religion they told us that after death is judgment. Is there really any judgement?

Ifa doesn’t speak on judgement after death neither does it believe in heaven or hell.

We must have lost someone very close to us, be it husband or wife or parents or siblings.

Sometimes we wish we could speak with them , we want to have a conversation.

On every Thursday of the week, the dead have a grace of coming to visit their loved ones on earth.

This is because Portals that link this world and other world are always opened at exactly some precise time on Thursday, this make it possible for the dead to visit the living especially their loved ones.

The exact time of the portal opening is what am not going to talk about in this article.

I lost my dad 3 years ago and i am still keeping contact with him because we had a bond before we was dead and the bond is still there, even though he is not living , it doesn’t stop is from talking. Some times he give me spiritual work.

There are some things which you would do that woul make you communicate with your lost ones.

This is not necromancy because you can only see and have a talk with someone you have a bond with when they are alive. It can be your husband or wife or parents or siblings. That kins of bond.

You can’t see then physically but when you sleep you will see them.

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