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OLOKUN the ORISA that never lies

OLOKUN the ORISA that never lies 

If OLOKUN promises you anything , you would have it

One of those things people don't know about OLOKUN is that he doesn't lie at all and he dislikes liars.

He (OLOKUN) already knows your heart and he doesn't give chances to a lot of people because of their heart and mind. He (OLOKUN) sees them for who they are , no what they claim to be.

OLOKUN judges people according to who they are and not what you claim to be. Everyone is afraid of getting closer to OLOKUN because he would walk you out instantly.

Your intentions, purity, discipline matters a lot to OLOKUN than what you are looking for.

OLOKUN is not the ORISA that would sugarcoat the truth and make it sweet in your ears.


OLOKUN is extra discipline and very careful in selecting his children.

People who are not ready for the truth are not ready to follow OLOKUN.

OLOKUN lay down the rules and you must follow without questioning, or excuses.

OLOKUN doesn't lie and that is why they attributed IFA to OLOKUN.

How ORUNMILA became the Father of IFA is a story for another day.

But as a Babalawo, Can you consult IFA without saying IFA OLOKUN?

Why not say IFA ORUNMILA?

I already know what you are thinking but don't worry.

I am the son of OBATALA, the son of OLOKUN. I have all the answers to your questions and I would answer them in time.

People that doesn't love the truth doesn't like OLOKUN. OLOKUN would tell you what it is and there is nothing you can do about it.

The son of OBATALA.

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