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Igbodu, IFA and a woman - Truth and Lies

Igbodu, IFA and a woman - Truth and Lies

We all have our school of thoughts where we learn one or two things that we know.

Everyone has their thoughts on a woman having IFA or IFA INITIATION for a woman.

I couldn't say more or wouldn't say more than a few lines of words.

The world is changing, so also is IFA .

If the world grows faster than this,there are some things that would still remains the same.

Things like,no matter how hard the church goes on evangelism on every street, it's never possible for everyone to be converted into Christianity.

No matter how much the Terrorist destroy nations and countries, not everyone would be converted into Islam.

The sky is not coming down or falling down because the world is growing older. Nah 

No matter how much the christians publicize rapture, it is never going to happen because soldier go and come but the barracks remains the same . The world is old as time, the world wasn't created with a condition like self destroy at certain time. Nah .

The world is not a CIA American film where the package destroy itself after delivery. Nope.

If we can go back on track, enough of this illustration.

In the days before this time (olden days) , woman don't do IFA INITIATION. They don't do IFA INITIATION for woman because it is started in IFA that woman don't enter igbodu.

The world has changed now, everyone is more brilliant than IFA or so they claimed to be more knowledgeable than IFA .

Wow, we are so much in helping IFA to realized it's purpose. It's good.

You can't cheat nature, though you can defy nature within a small interval of time or for a particular time frame.

Clarity on that::::;:: it is believed that man can not and will not fly because if man was to fly, he would be born with a wing. Today, men and women are flying both at night and during the day . ...(winks).

Clarity on that :::;;;; You can affirm a new gender and changed your gender from a man to a woman, you would be on medication till the end of your life but the moment you stop those meds, you are back to your natural gender.

Now I asked again, can we cheat nature??

Whatever is meant to be would always come to be irrespective of what happened. What would be would surely be.

Today they are doing IFA INITIATION for a lot of woman and we are all happy about it.

I am not here to say it is good or it is Bad.

No matter how good or or bad it is (IFA initiation for a woman), the best thing for a woman is to do ORISA Initiation. It can be OSUN Initiation or yemoja Initiation or OLOKUN Initiation or OBATALA INITIATION or ESU Initiation or Elegba Initiation or sango Initiation or OYA Initiation BLA BLA BLA.

Still on still.... I just speak my mind and the truth.

I am sure you know the reply and the best thing to do .

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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