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Religion and Tactics

Religion and Tactics 

I know i would definitely be on some people's toes with this article but it doesn't matter because the truth must be told. 
Every Religion is fighting for it's existence whether you like it or not. 

All religions have something in common, they tell you their religion is the only way. 

Go and read all the Holy Books of all religions, was this statement altered by God himself? 

Christianity would tell you Salvation is Free, this is their Major way of Marketing and you fall for it. 

Once you fall in, they milk you small small in the name of the Lord. 

If you earn 40k monthly, the church would force you to pay 4,000 as tithe monthly. 
4,000 x 12 = 48,000 yearly as tithe
You would still pay for offering 100 weekly which is 100 x 52 = 5200
If there are 50 people in the church, 48,000 x 50 = 2.4M

Yet you see ÔRISÂ religion as Bad.
We have some Christians would have and bow to holy mary yet nobody talk. 
We have some Christians that do Ise, Ise iyasimimo, Ise Isegun and others yet no Christians talk. 

In short some Christians are Packaged ÔRISÂ practitionals. 

Finally they said ORISA are Gods that can't defend themselves but I ask, why are the Muslims fighting for Allah? Why is the religious fight here and there? 

The Image of the ORISA doesn't mean it is the ORISA. 

In the olden day, they called church temple, where the ORISA practitioners are doing their thing Is also called temple. 

They don't use drum in church before, it's because pastors are afraid of losing the church members that's why they stole the concept of drums from ÔRISÂ practitionals. 
God bless

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