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Truth about IFA


Ifá is not a religion but there is religion in Ifá
Ifá is not philosophy but there is philosophy in Ifá
Ifá is not mathematics but there is mathematics in Ifá
Ifá is not poetry but there is poetry in Ifá
Ifá is not science but there is science in Ifá 

As a Yorùbá Muslim or Christian, you don't need to run from Ifá on the basis of you adopting another religion. What about all other knowledge embedded in Ifá? How do we transform them into enzymes that will spur the rate of our development if we all run from it.

Even those who worship Ifá failed to see beyond the religious microscope therefore narrowing themselves down to worshipping alone.

For example, many people who studied science related subjects from western schools are not only always faraway from Ifá but they work and teach against it. It is all misconception. They think Ifá is nothing but what they see in many babalawo around them or the misrepresentation that they have watch in movies.

Many people are further misled by the plot of cultural movies from our myopic movie industry called Nollywood! From its name you can depict it was fashioned after Hollywood, a colonial mind programming institution.

True knowledge is whole! And Ifá encompasses every knowledge herein our universe and the more we run from it the more we run from our shadows, the more we run from it the more we'll have divisions amongst us.

Emperor Haile Selassie I said "Knowledge paves the way to Love, and Love in its turn fosters understanding, and leads one along the path of great common achievements".

This implies that we all need to conquer the fear of hell instill in us by the colonial beasts and take a journey into this cosmic world of Ifá so that we can have doctors, engineers, scientists, poets, philosophers, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, bio-chemists and many more who can work to effect our development on all facets in a manner of spontaneity.

Do you know that modern computer came out of Ifá? The Holy Odù are in binary numbers. This same number base system is what the computer takes its commands from. But look how old Ifá is compared to computer. That's how much we can take out of the erroneously demonized Ifá by those who want to keep us suppressed and subjugated forever. 

Without cultural identity, we are dead and there is no people or nation that developed outside their culture in the world. Development is cultural, it's by the people, everybody bringing innovations from their various diverse fields. Their end product is what will cause a 360 degree development.

In the words of our ancestors, they warned that "Ọmọ tó bá sọ ilé nù, ó ti so àpò ìyà kọ́" that is a child that forgets home beckon upon damnation and more so, according to our divine ancestors, "odò tí ó bá gbàgbé orísun rẹ̀ yóó gbẹ" that is a river that forgot its source shall dried up.

If you reject Ifá because of your religion, what about other knowledge within? If you reject it because you studied medicine, engineering or what a view, what about the literature in it?

Being a Christian or Muslim should not stop us from harnessing everything needed for our upliftment from Ifá. All we just have to do first is to dispel misconception about being one thing whereas it is a conglomerate of many!

May wisdom, knowledge and overstanding fall on us all!

Guidance and Blessings to you my Kinsmen and Kinswomen who reads this.
Yours in Struggle.
Panaf Adejengbe Ashenafi Adeyemi

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