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Different Yoruba hairstyles

Different Yoruba hairstyles 

Among the Yorubas of southwestern Nigeria, the head (called ori) is given a very prominent position and particularly in the females, the hair is considered to be the crown of a woman’s beauty. Over the years, the culture-rich Yorubas have come up with various beautiful and dazzling hairstyles.

These hairstyles are not just for beautification. 

They also serve other purposes and these can be religious, as a sign of identification, age, political power, ceremony, occupation or even to reflect the mood of the lady. It can also signify the marital status of a woman. 

Married women in Yorubaland in those days adopt hairstyles in which the hair flows from the front down to the nape of the neck, or it can emerge from both sides and culminate at the top of the head. 

Some other married women adopt the one in which the hair comes from the forehead and from the back and then meet up at the center of the head. As for the single ladies (all the single ladies….lol!

 You remember that song, right…lol), they use styles in which their hair flows from the right ear to the left. Before we continue, we need to make some distinction among the various techniques used:

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