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history of EGUNGUN

Their collective functions cut across lineage and family loyalty.  

They protect the community against EVIL SPIRITS, EPIDEMICS, FAMININE, WITCH-CRAFT, and EVIL DOERS, ensuring their well-being.

 The spirits could be evoked Collectively or Individually, in time of need. 

The PLACE of CALL is either on the Grins of Ancestors (Oju Oriori), the Family Shrine (Ile Orun). or the Community grove (1 gbalele)

The Ancestor Spirits may be invited to the Earth physically in MASQUERADE, and such MASQUERADES are referred to as EGUNGUN or ARA ORUN.

The Supernatural powers they have over the Community become real as different EGUNGUN perform their RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL,  and SOCIAL FUNCTION. 

EGUNGUN appearances resemble the Yoruba view of Life after death.

The coming out of EGUNGUN is a time of festivity and entertainment. 

A time of DEEP BELIEF, in DIVINE GUIDANCE and PROTECTION also a way of immortalizing ones name. 

There is a principle Odu in the divination system of Ifa, which shows how the EGUNGUN was in OTURUPON-MEJI.  

Another is OWONRIN or ASEIJIN. 

A lot has changed with the religion since the first YORUBA SLAVE on the Western shores from how it was practiced in Nigeria along the side of the Atlantic.

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