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Myth and Stories about OBATALA

ORISANLA, has no children but he has the authority, so all children belong to him.  

When he was a very old man, he consulted an Oracle on how he could become an ORISA who would be worshipped by everyone. 

He was asked to sacrifice 200 elephants. How could an old man kill 200 elephants? 

One day he went to hunt elephant and came to a pit filled with toads, fish and other animals that had become so dry that these animals were in danger of perishing.  

They heard the sound of his walking and appealed to him to save them. He told them he was hunting for elephants and they said that if they were saved they would kill 200 elephants for him. 

OBATALA pointed his walking stick to HEAVEN and recited an incantation. 

Rain started to fall and before day break the well was filled. 

He expected the creatures in the pit to fulfill their promise, but he did not see them the following morning. He carried his walking stick to the well.

When he asked them to keep their promise, they told him that they could not hold the leg of an elephant to say nothing of killing one. Instead, they would worship him. 

At that time OBATALA became an ORISA to be worshipped: OBA-TI-O-NLA, the King Who is Great OBATALA’S Color is White, hence the name OBA-TIN-ALA, the Kin in White Clothing. 

 He represents Spiritual Morality and the Laws given by OLODUMARE.

 He is known for his patience in completing tasks, understanding that patience is the FATHER OF WISDOM. 

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